Experts in the production & supply of rubber polymer products for all industries.

Dexine have been developing rubber engineering solutions for over 120 years.


From flammability to abrasion resistance, the rail industry holds its suppliers to an extremely high standard. We hold our own products to a higher standard. Our proprietary rubber formulations have been developed specifically for the demands of the industry.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of rubber mouldings, rubber to metal mouldings and extruded profiles for rail applications all over the world.

Our manufacturing methods and formulation knowledge maximises rubber characteristics, such as bond strength, abrasion resistance and ease of installation.


The aerospace industry, both civil and military, understandably operates to exacting material standards and specifications. Quality, speed, accuracy and efficiency are all characteristics that we pride ourselves on.

That’s why we not only provide traditional polymer processing techniques, but also the latest laser cutting technology, manufactured by sister company Illuminar Technolgies. Our customers can now access top-of-the-range products, such as custom gaskets and custom packaging, manufactured on short lead times and to the highest engineering tolerances.

Due to the nature of the industry, we provide 3D printed mould technology to enable scale up or short run production requirements to be met at relatively low cost and with short lead times. Embracing the latest additive technology means we can offer a variety of material solutions to meet the requirements of demanding operating environments, EMC compliance or ATEX working areas.


We have a long proven track record of providing a high quality rubber lining service for chemical storage and transport containers, as well as other engineered items such as pipework and valves.

Whilst we often carry out stripping and lining across the globe, we also have the ability to do so in-house, using our own proprietary formulations. This means we retain control over the quality of materials in the compounds, and use leading processes for the sheet for linings.

Our highly trained and experienced installers go to the utmost care at all stages of the installations to provide a rubber lining with excellent bond strength and a 100% seal. And, of course, full testing of the integrity of the completed lining is carried out.

We’re well versed in the traditional induction heat stripping techniques such as water jet, sand blast or cold strip, but we’re always looking to new technology to improve our products and services, and can now also offer techniques based on induction heating stripping. This is a fast, safe, silent and environmentally sound method of removing a variety of coatings and linings that has been approved for use by the US Navy.


Dexine has been a key supplier to the UK military since its formation 120 years ago, and is one of the Royal Navy’s oldest current suppliers.

Providing products and services of the highest quality, our innovative approach and our willingness to adopt new material technologies has meant that we have successfully supplied all three arms of the UK Armed Services as well as other national armed forces. Not only this, but we have successful working relationships with leading defence contractors such as BAE and Babcock’s.

We have optimised our materials and processes to meet the specific demands on polymer based products for a diverse range military applications. Currently, this includes anti-vibration products, acoustic damping products, tank and armoured personnel tracks and battery compartment linings for submarines.


Polymeric materials are ideal for medical use as they are robust, durable, able to withstand repeated sterilisations and are resistant to chemicals typically found in
hospitals. We have developed a range of thermoplastic and rubber materials suitable for use in a wide range of medical applications.

The properties of our polymer materials make them suited to applications such as implants, pharmaceutical devices and drug delivery systems. They are also commonly used in day-to-day storage and handling products, apparel and enclosures for medical instruments.

Our range of in-house formulated polymers make it possible for customers to choose from a broad range of materials to meet the demands of their particular application. As well as typical polymer properties, some of our specialised polymer grades have been enhanced with properties such as anti-bacterial, magnetic detectable, EMI/RFI Shielding for enclosures and ATEX compliance for potentially explosive areas.


Companies making products for the food processing industry face a number of issues: finding materials that are outstanding in their abrasion resistance, grease and fat resistance and alcohol resistance. We manufacture a range of polymers for these particular demands.

We process these polymers in a variety of ways to create the perfect product for each customer’s application, whether it is a gasket, a conveyor guide or roller, a sifting ball or even for storage and handling products. We have also developed specialised products with additional properties, such anti-bacterial, magnetically detectable or static dissipative ATEX compliant materials.


We also manufacture and supply in to many more industries including Automotive, Construction, Marine, Oil, Utilities, Sport, Leisure and Agricultural. In fact since 1895 we have probably supplied into every industry or service where rubber is used!

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