Who We Are

Dexine Rubber Technologies is the successor to the Dexine Rubber Company, which was founded by the Wayre family in 1895, and traded from Abbey Road in London. The company became a major government supplier, particularly the War Department, and was deemed so important to the Second World War effort it was moved away from the Blitz in 1941 and relocated in an old cotton mill in Spotland Road, Rochdale, where we stayed until moving to the current site in Shawclough in 2007.

Perhaps one of the proudest moments in our history was in 1982, when we received a thank-you letter from the MOD for our manufacturing efforts and the performance of our products during the Falklands War.

In 2013 Hughes Armstrong Industries acquired Dexine and renamed the business Dexine Rubber Technologies.

Today Hughes Armstrong Industries continues to invest in the skills and expertise of current and new employees, as well as investing in new processes and equipment, to give Dexine a secure and successful future.