18 / 07 2016

In a world of automation and mechanisation it is hard for today’s younger generation to imagine a time when most things were made by hand.

The industrial revolution saw cottage industries replaced by factories mass producing items on a large scale, especially in the North of England. And more recently computers and robotics have transformed manufacturing even further.

And yet even with all these modern technologies there are some things that still need the human touch and need to be made by hand. This may be because the size is too restrictive to allow machinery to be used or the quantity may not be sufficient to warrant having machinery designed and manufactured to produce such small numbers.

Certain rubber products fall into this category and here at Dexine Rubber Technologies our fabrication department has built on over 120 years of experience to train our craftsman in the art of hand built rubber manufacturing. Hand built fabrication has formed an important part of Dexine’s work ever since the company was founded in 1895 by the Wayre family. Originally trading from Abbey Road in London Dexine moved to Rochdale to avoid the World War Two Blitz; a move requested by the government of the day due to the company’s key manufacturing role in the wartime effort. Seven decades later Dexine still supplies the MOD and is one of its longest serving suppliers.

This success is largely due to the expertise of the company’s skilled and experienced workforce, who can manufacture a wide range of products from vulcanised or unvulcanised rubber. Dexine uses a number of different manufacturing processes, such as mouldings, extrusions, rubber to metal, sheeting and plant and tank lining. But it is hand built fabrication that requires the greatest skill. At Dexine many different items are hand fabricated from train gangway diaphragms to pipe flange gaskets, large filter diaphragms and large manway seals.

It is this skill and expertise that customers value and which enables Dexine to offer bespoke items. Here at Dexine we can work to our customer’s specific requirements to produce just about anything from rubber polymers.