02 / 06 2016

Rubber Lining offers operational and cost benefits

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Many industries use rubber linings for pipes and plant for protection against aggressive substances or to help reduce noise levels in production facilities. As a pioneer in the application of rubber to metal, Dexine Rubber Technologies has been leading the way in this technology for over six decades.

Rubber lining is used to protect all types of pipes and plant, such as tanks and vessels. The chemical industry was one of the first to use rubber lining because of its excellent resistance to corrosive and abrasive chemicals and materials, such as acids and alkalis. It’s also resistant to salt water, slurries, sand and shotblast media; making it ideal in many different industries. Today it is also used in mining and quarrying, water and waste treatment, metal finishing, oil and gas, as well as the food and beverage production processes.

With over sixty years’ experience in rubber lining Dexine has gained an unrivalled reputation in its application, which requires a high level of skill and expertise. Dexine’s lining service is carried out to the leading industry standards and in accordance with BS6374 part 5:1985.

Additionally, Dexine’s fully trained engineers are also able to inspect and survey existing rubber lined plant. Engineers can detect any defect in the rubber lining by conducting a spark test. If a defect is present, voltage applied across the lining’s surface will continue through and discharge onto the steel causing a spark. Defects as small as pin holes can be detected using this method.

If defects are found maintenance or replacement will be required. However, one of the great advantages of rubber lining is the option to remove it once it has reached the end of its useful life. Instead of replacing large items of plant and whole piping systems a new rubber lining can be installed on-site; making it much more cost effective and helping to minimise down time and production disruption.

Rubber lining offers protection, ensuring a longer life for plant and pipes and when it begins to succumb to wear and tear it can be replaced. It’s an excellent technology and Dexine continues to lead the way in its application.