24 / 11 2016

Sorbothane Extends Dexine’s Range

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Dexine Rubber Technologies and Leyland Rubber Components are merging, which is great news for customers. Dexine is now in a position to offer a wider range of materials and product ranges, including the incredibly versatile Sorbothane.

Sorbothane is a thermoset, polyether-based, ‘super-soft’ polyurethane that combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping. It has a superior damping co-efficient, making it a very effective acoustic damper and an ideal material to absorb energy. Sorbothane combines all these characteristics in a stable material with a long fatigue life over a wide temperature range, including extreme temperatures.

It is also tolerant of most chemicals, so it can be used in environments too hostile for many other damping materials. This makes it ideal for gaskets. Additionally it can conform to irregular surfaces, has low creep and is reusable. It can be made from sheet material or produced to order and its tackiness means it’s easy to install.

As a visco-elastic polymer it exhibits the properties of both liquids and solids. This makes it very effective as a shock absorber; instead of compressing it returns to its natural shape time and time again after contraction, dilation and distortion. And unlike fluid based shock absorbers or foam products Sorbothane absorbs shock for millions of cycles.

With these characteristics Sorbothane has many industrial applications from the isolation of delicate electronics, such as printed circuit boards or LCD disk drives, to protecting the NASA shuttle camera during launch. It is used to reduce excessive vibration, dissipate increased heat or reduce the strain of using a machine for the operator. It can also be used to prevent vibrational creep, to ensure a machine stays in position even if subjected to vibration during operation.

Sorbothane is ideal for audio and electronics. Sorbothane hemispheres are used throughout the world in the highest quality audio equipment; recognised as the leading material for absorbing and cancelling vibrations that can adversely affect audio and video performance.

As Dexine and Leyland merge to combine their strengths their customers benefit from the wider range of products available. The incredibly versatile and useful Sorbothane is one such product.

For more information on Sorbothane or any of Dexine’s products please call us on 01706 640 011 or email admin@dexine.com