31 / 05 2016

Working in Chemical Plants

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Chemical plants can be extremely dangerous places; safety is never taken lightly by anyone who works in such a potentially hazardous environment. Employees of Dexine Rubber Technologies are no exception.

Potential risks at chemical plants can include death or injury caused by exposure to hazardous substances, fire or explosion. Exposure to hazardous substances, classified as toxic, very toxic, corrosive, harmful or irritant, can cause short or long term health problems. In addition, a number of people are killed or injured in the UK each year in confined spaces.

At Dexine we know how important it is that our employees are fully trained in all aspects of health and safety procedures relevant to the work required. We have many years’ experience working in these dangerous environments. That’s why all Dexine’s off-site employees are trained in accordance with the Confined Spaces Regulations (1997) and follow the Principles of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Our customers can rest assured our employees are well versed in the legal requirements for working in their chemical plants.

Additionally, as each plant is different, all Dexine’s off-site employees also undertake numerous induction courses at each chemical plant in which they operate. To ensure all hazards have been identified and any concerns addressed Dexine’s employees conduct a risk assessment. This is considered in conjunction with the risk assessment carried out by the site’s own health and safety officer.

Only when all parties are satisfied that all risks have been assessed, and that the work required is clearly defined can a ‘Permit to Work’ be issued. Only then can work commence.

Once the work has been finished, Dexine’s employees will ensure all excess material and any waste or debris is disposed of in the relevant manner. This is particularly important when dealing with potentially dangerous waste products. All work is inspected upon completion to make sure everyone is totally satisfied with the end product.
Working safely in hazardous environments is vital for all concerned. That’s why training in all aspects of health and safety procedures is given the highest priority here at Dexine.