We have a long proven track record of providing a high quality rubber lining service for chemical storage and transport containers, as well as other engineered items such as pipework and valves.

Whilst we often carry out stripping and lining across the globe, we also have the ability to do so in-house, using our own proprietary formulations. This means we retain control over the quality of materials in the compounds, and use leading processes for the sheet for linings.

Our highly trained and experienced installers go to the utmost care at all stages of the installations to provide a rubber lining with excellent bond strength and a 100% seal. And, of course, full testing of the integrity of the completed lining is carried out.

We’re well versed in the traditional induction heat stripping techniques such as water jet, sand blast or cold strip, but we’re always looking to new technology to improve our products and services, and can now also offer techniques based on induction heating stripping. This is a fast, safe, silent and environmentally sound method of removing a variety of coatings and linings that has been approved for use by the US Navy.