Polymeric materials are ideal for medical use as they are robust, durable, able to withstand repeated sterilisations and are resistant to chemicals typically found in
hospitals. We have developed a range of thermoplastic and rubber materials suitable for use in a wide range of medical applications.

The properties of our polymer materials make them suited to applications such as implants, pharmaceutical devices and drug delivery systems. They are also commonly used in day-to-day storage and handling products, apparel and enclosures for medical instruments.

Our range of in-house formulated polymers make it possible for customers to choose from a broad range of materials to meet the demands of their particular application. As well as typical polymer properties, some of our specialised polymer grades have been enhanced with properties such as anti-bacterial, magnetic detectable, EMI/RFI Shielding for enclosures and ATEX compliance for potentially explosive areas.

As well as anti-bacterial ‘Contex’ polymers, Contex are a range of anti-bacterial rubber polymers using the well known brand of Hygienilac. Contex is unique and devastatingly effective against MRSA / C difficile / E coli / salmonella / Listeria and many more.