The following range of products is by no means a definitive list as customers consult us for the development of rubber components for new applications across a wide range of industry sectors.

Engine Mountings – Aircraft
Gaskets – Aircraft
Grommets – Aircraft
Handlegrips – Aircraft
Mouldings (Custom) – aircraft
Seals – Aero Engine

Agricultural & Food Production
Milking rubber
Mouldings (Custom) – Food Quality
Rings – Food Applications
Rollers Moulded
Sheeting – Food Quality Rubber

Automotive & Off-highway
Automotive Mats
Caterpillar Vehicle Pads and Bushes
Engine Mountings – Construction
Machinery & Automotive
Extrusions / Profiles
Handlegrips – Cycle/Motorcycle
Rubber/Metal – Automotive
Sealing Rings – Automotive
Seals & Gaskets – Moulded Rubber
Sub – Frame Mountings
Suspension Bushes – Automotive
Suspension Resilient – Automotive

Brick Grab Rubbers
Concrete Pipe Joint Rings
Concrete Slurry Delivery Pistons
Door Stops
Drain/Sewer Expansion Joints
Pipe Joint Rings – Construction
Tap Washers

Electrical Applications
Conductive Rubber Sheeting
Gaskets – Conductive
Grommets – Electrical

Engineering & General Applications
Anti – Shock Sheeting
Anti – Static Sheeting
Anti – Vibration Matting
Anti – Vibration Mounting
Balls – Rubber Covered
Balls – Solid Rubber
Bellows – Expansions
Compounding (Custom)
Compounds (Rubber) – General
Extrusions / Profiles
Feet Rubber
Fandering Industrial

Gasket Sheeting
Hammers & Mallets
Mats – Moulded & punched rubber
Mouldings (Custom) – Coloured/Non Black
Mouldings (Custom)
*Polyurethane Elastomer
*Prototype Rubber

Polyurethane to Metal Bondings
Quoit Rings
Reducers & Connectors
Rings Cord – Moulded
Rings – Cut
Rollers Moulded
Rubber to Metal Bondngs
Sandblast0Shotblast Sheeting
Sander Pads
*Industrial Rubber
*Natural Rubber
*Oil – resistant Rubber

Suckers Industrial
Wheels – Industrial Truck & Trolley

Boat Fenders
Dock Fenders

Production Plants, Oil & Petro-chemical Applications

Chute and Hopper Linings
Compounds (Rubber) – Plant lining
Pipe Linings
Pipe Linings – Ebonite
Pipe Linings – Rubber
Protectors for Oil Drilling
Pump Linings
Rollers Moulded
Sheeting – Oil Resistant Rubber
Wipers – for Oil Drilling

Buffer Strips (Extruded)
Engine Mountings
Extrusions / Profiles
Rail Pads
Railway Carriage Diaphragms

Sports & leisure
Handlegrips – Sports

Valve Diaphragms
Valve Disks
Valve Stem Seals